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“Love this place for two reasons, excuse me, three, first, there is this man who sets up next to the bbq stand outside in the front who sells almost any cellphone case, cover, charger, or whatever you need for your phone, oh yea, screen protectors, he'll even put it on for you bubble free, but it will cost you $1.00 but hey, it's worth it!! Second, I already mentioned it, the bbq stand, I'm mostly talking about those turkey legs, yummy to my tummy, oh yea, be careful, they're hot, and third, most of it is indoors, temperature control, gotta love it!!!!” - Steve D. via Facebook
“It's a great place to start your own business and lots of fun even if you don't have what the people need or want they always stop in to say hi.” – Cynthia G. via Facebook
“Best Flea Market in San Antonio! Lots of vendors, indoors & air conditioned!” – Scott M. via Facebook
“Vendors do what they can to please. Lots of choices also! New vendors added flare and variety!” - Evette K. via Facebook
“It's got great deals. New & used items & not too pricey. Love the food on the weekends at the smoker. Brisket sandwiches & Turkey legs!” – Trista Y. via Facebook
“Great place to visit good food good entertainment and plenty of shopping” – Paul B. via Facebook
“This place is cool lots of stuff. Love the sports store. It had more variety then all the malls put together. And a lot of old stuff too like the Nintendo from the 90s. And fair priced also, which is cool. If I had to buy anything I would buy it there.” – Raquel A. via Yelp
“I enjoyed this flea market. I've been in San Antonio 17 months and today was the first time I went. Like most flea markets (a.k.a. swap meets), one must sift through the undesirables to find something really impressive. I found many such items and lots of very personable vendors. Everyone was quite pleasant. I purchased some very nice, inexpensive plants today (cash only for this vendor). I plan to return when I need luggage because there were several vendors with great deals. In fact, I plan to return again and again.” - J.R. via Yelp
“Oh my GOD this is the most awesome place ever – You got to come to this flea market and check out the garage area. Especially table 43. this guy sell really nice preowned designer clothes and stuff dirt cheap. Baby, Kids, Miss, Women and Mens clothes. He calls his table the $1 table and all his preowned clothes are only $1 each, He is always set up on Sunday. He is really cute and very nice. I had the pleasure of talking with him. He stated that all the clothes he has is from all of his family and that he is helping them out by selling all he can. So go and buy from him you cannot pass the good deal. I bought like $30 of stuff from this seller.” – Nalu12 via CitySearch
“Great Place! – I love this flea market. Plenty of shops to choose from, and lots of different products. It even has a beauty shop in there. I use it to get my hair cut and colored. The lady is very nice and does a good job. I love it!” – Linda120 via CitySearch
“Best place to get your Retro games! Propaganda palace!” – Brian C. via Foursquare
“Willies All American Sports store, the place to find all ur sports teams shirts, jerseys, or whatever u can think of!” – Monica S. via Foursquare
“Cheap cell phone accessories.” – Kristin G. via Foursquare
“Retro Planet is AWESOME! Great stuff with great prices. It's a must see spot. Autographs of the Spurs, stellar records, toys, and etc. I got some great items! I can't wait to check it out again.” – Kristen Nichols via Google Reviews
“I've loved this Flea Market since I was 13 years old and it STILL provides 30 years later.” – Michelle M. Via Google Reviews
“Wonderful people made plenty of friends especially vendors.” – Michael U
“Biggest & BEST Indoor flea market in San Antonio! Mostly Indoors, lots of vendors & great management! SA's only TRUE flea market. Office staff is experienced & very helpful to both customers & vendors.” - Google User via Google Reviews
“I hooked my girls up with cute stuff from the Hello Kitty store. They were so thrilled about the matching backpacks, notebooks, and water bottles. Now we are set for school next year. I will definitely go back for more!” – Google User via Google Reviews
“Visited Eisenhauer Road Flea Market Oct. 2nd met the owner Mr. Bruce, Ms. Pat and Mr. Lueb. They were very helpful in providing all information requested. I want to comment on how pleased we were with the professional performance by Daniel Lopez and his Band. They played a variety of music, Polkas, Cumbias, Country, Jazz, and Blues! A special thanks to Daniel and his Band (and my tocalla, Elva) for allowing "BLUE'S MAN" Uncle Willy Sparks to entertain the crowd.”– A Google User via Google Reviews

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